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Instillagel and self-catheterization
Instillagel for use in a hospital or clinic setting
Instillagel for catheterization and other endourethral procedures
Instillagel patient information

Welcome to Instillagel

Instillagel is a unique lubricating gel used to prevent pain and reduce the risk of infection associated with catheter insertion and other endourethral procedures. It contains the local anaesthetic lidocaine hydrochloride and the antiseptic chlorhexidine gluconate.

To find out more about Instillagel and its uses in cystoscopy and catheterization, click on the menu above.

Instillagel’s unique triple action:


the urethra to make the process of
catheter insertion smoother


with lidocaine, a local anaesthetic

REDUCES risk of infection

with chlorhexidine, an effective antiseptic

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